张艺兴 birthday countdown (1) : Yixing and his “heart of gold”

Ya’an Earthquake. Yixing was in the airport, standing infront of a TV watching the news about the earthquake. He was standing there for a long long time, the fans thought that he froze. He signed for the fans, one in particular he wrote “Ya’an jiayou!”, she thought that was just it, that one line, but then he took the notebook and write the same text in that entire page for around 15 times.

XingPark organized a donation project for the earthquake. Yixing anonymously joined and made the transaction just 2 hours before the deadline. The admins were shocked by the sudden amount of money being donated. The transaction details showed his real name but the admins decided not to publish his name on the list to respect his wishes.

Donating to a boy with leukemia. Someone mentioned Yixing about a certain 9 year old boy from Henan who needs treatment for lymphoblastic leukemia. Minutes later, Yixing made the donation transaction. There was no message prompt for everyone who donated in this project so it automatically posted on his weibo. Before he could even delete it, his fans followed suit and donated as well to different patients under the same cause.

During the recent Star Chef, Yixing said that if he wins the show, he would donate the prize to the nursing homes for the elderly.to better the lives of the lonely old folks who have been neglected and childless. And since he wasn’t able to fulfill this wish, he would still try his best to do things to the best of his abilities. His fansites are now organizing a project for this to try and grant this charity dream.

the fault in your eyes.

Title: Fly To you / English ver.


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fall is almost here guys


I didn’t think this gif could be used properly with anything. I was wrong.

once a lady, forever a lady.



A moment of silent for all those in retail this holiday season.

this cartoon works at target clearly

That Summer Concert 2

Fan: "Who's bigger - Sungjong oppa or Myungsoo oppa?"
Woohyun: "Hold on, which part are you asking about? We have to clarify this..."
Dongwoo: "I swear, Infinite all have it big."

Title: 그XX (Feat. ZICO of Block B)

Artist: 올티 (Olltii)

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Anime V.S Manga Para//e/s


Love Lay. Yixing, xingmis will forever cherish and remember this bond that we were able to share with you. But let us as all celebrate finally getting an official fandom name and the wonderful memories that are sure to come from it!


This video was when Yixing became a guest MC in Global Chinese Music. Everyone in the audience was doing the L sign and so the hosts ask him what it means, he said "Love Lay"


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Just another scene when Rapmon facepalmed over V…

[140727 FANACC] After the concert, (Yixing’s) grandparents were really nice and kind. I was all wet and holding my Xing LED board. Grandpa even told me, “You’ve worked hard.” and then shook my hands. Meanwhile, Grandma said, “Thank you.” to me. This is why I like Zhang Yixing so much. I don’t regret anything. You’re my little pride.


cr. 小北一般不搞笑-偶尔接个地气 (A fan who met Yixing’s grandparents)